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Computer Basics: Computer Basics

Computer Basics is for newbies or persons who may have been out of school for a few years.

Computer Software

An Application Program: Helps you accomplish a certain task, such as writing a letter, browsing the Internet, or playing a game. APPS on mobile phones are also application programs.

An Operating System: Loads automatically and controls just about everything on your computer.

Graphical User Interface (GUI): Makes computers easier to operate by using pictures and icons to represent files and programs.

New Software Versions and Releases: Come out periodically and add new features and improve components of a program. New versions also take advantage of ever-improving technology.  An example of a software version is Windows 10.

Computer Storage Devices

Storage Devices

CD-ROM, DVD, Internal / External Hard Disk Drive:

    Memory Card Reader                          USB Flash  

    Media Devices                

 External Optical Drives                Zip Drives


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