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English Composition

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Library Resources

Quick tips for finding books:

  • Use keywords and subject terms
  • Think about the topics your instructor has discussed in class
  • Write down all the ideas that come to mind when you think about your topic
  • Ask the Librarian

Popular Databases or Collections:

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Instructions for accessing the databases

To access the databases, click on the database you would like to use, then login using your LoLA username and password when prompted.

Click here to access WorldCat.

WorldCat is a union catalog of 72,000 libraries in 170 countries and territories. Search here to find books that are not available at the CLTCC BobCat Library.

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BobCat & LOUIS

BobCat Library provides electronic access to print and video materials within CLTCC.  We also provide electronic access to a wide array of ebooks, journals, newspapers, and other resources through Louisiana Online Library (LOUIS). Click here to see a list of databases organized by topic or discipline. Bobcat resources are available 24 X 7  -- both on campus  and from home or work.  Access BobCat and LOUIS using your LOLA ID and login.

  • BobCatl Library is the catalog of resources owned by CLTCC.
  • LOUIS are electronic resources licensed by CLTCC.
  • Both BobCat and LOUIS are subject to US Federal Copyright law.

Guide to grammar and writing

Types of sources

There are several major types of information sources available in print and electronic form through the ACC Library.



You will find a large selection of books in our book collection. A book can provide detailed background and in-depth historical information about any given topic.



This covers encyclopedias, atlases, and other resources that are referred to for specific information. Go to these for definitions, shorter explanations, historical and biographical sketches, background or overviews, and statistical data.



Articles from journals, magazines, and newspapers (periodicals) are integral sources for current reviews, research, and criticism on recently published works. ACC e-resources can help connect you to these articles.


Web sites

The internet provides a vast array of good information from reputable organizations, professional associations, government entities, and scholars. However, there is a lot of unreliable information on the Web, so access sources and content critically.


Helpful information ...


These links provide helpful advice to assist you with the paper-writing process. Check out the other tabs for videos, links and citation guides.  Make sure you stay on task.  Ask your instructor to review your paper if you need clarification and be sure you understand his/her requirements.

  • Ask your instructor if you are unsure about anything.
  • Ask the tutoring lab to review your paper with a "fresh pair of eyes"
  • Click on the link in the left-moxt box for more information

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