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"My stories run up and bite me on the leg - I respond by writing down everything that goes on during the bite. When I finish, the idea lets go and runs off."

Ray Bradbury, novelist.

TCC OWL (online writing lab) Home Page

As Central Louisiana Technical Community College considers all individuals within the academic community life-long students and encourages their continued education and professional growth, the OWL serves a significant role: an open source to all who wish to build and strengthen their skills in communication.


Writing Reports & Writing for Public Speaking

Writing for Public Speaking (Academic Level)

Writing an Argument Paper

Writing at the International Bachleaureate Level Language A (IB MYP II-III)

This rubric is part of the IB (International Baccalaureate)  curriculum for Language A—defined as a student's best language.

Language A courses therefore include the study of: (1) the instrumental function of a language where: listening, viewing, speaking, reading and writing skills are emphasized; and (2) literature, which encompasses a variety of periods and genres.*

Writing an Informative Paper (11/12)

Writing a Narrative Paper (11/12)

Writing an Informative Paper (9/10)

Grammarly Comma Cat

Writing for Public Speaking

A widely applicable rubric for public speaking or presentations at any level and any topic.

This rubric utilizes the following criteria:

  • Statement of purpose: Does the presentation introduce and state the purpose or topic of the presentation?
  • Content organization: How well is the content organized and does it flow?
  • Support of ideas: How well are the presentation themes or main ideas supported?
  • Use of examples/evidence: How well do the examples/evidence provided support the presentation topic?
  • Summary of main ideas: How well does the presentation's summary reinforce the main themes or ideas?
  • Poise and demeanor: How well prepared does the presenter appear to be?
  • Clarity of speech: How clearly does the presenter present his/her ideas?
  • Use of appropriate vocabulary: How well does the presenter incorporate topically-specific terminology?
  • Use of tone, pacing, and volume: How appropriate is the presenter's tone, pace, and volume in presenting the topic?
  • Engagement of audience: How well does the presenter engage the audience?