Computer Basics

Computer Basics is for newbies or persons who may have been out of school for a few years.

The Art of Searching

Power Searching With Google: Predictive Search

Search Literacy: Search Strategy & web works

Assessing Authority on the Web

Creating Good Queries: Predictive Search Part 1

Creating Good Queries: Predictive Search: Part 2

Stop Words

Stop Word Image

Common Stop Words

Stop Words are words which do not contain important significance to be used in Search Queries. Usually these words are filtered out from search queries because they return vast amount of unnecessary information. A better definition is provided below:

“Words that do not appear in the index in a particular database because they are either insignificant (i.e., articles, prepositions) or so common that the results would be higher than the system can handle (as in the case of IUCAT where terms such as United States or Department are stop words in keyword searching.) Stop words vary from system to system. Also, some systems will merely ignore stop words where use of stop words in other systems will result in retrieving zero hits.