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Information Literacy: Unit 1

Unit 1: Post-Test

Post-Test Processing

After you have reviewed Information Literacy: Unit 1, complete the post-test online.  Your instructor or librarian may also ask you to copy and paste the test into a Microsoft Word file.


Open Microsoft Word.  highlight all of the questions and answers(highlight, right click, copy OR, highlight, CONTROL, C), Click on the new document then...Paste (right click, paste or CONTROL, V) Name the file with your name and save to the desktop.  Print the file and give it to your Learning Frameworks instructor or Librarian.

Then press submit on the online post-test.

Nursing and Allied Health Information Literacy Training Series

The available video trainings available through the Library are:

  1. Allied Health & Nursing Basic Search Skills
  2. Behavior Sciences - Basic Search Skills
  3. Drug Information - Basic Search Skills

Each of the trainings above are larger than 10 MB and include embedded video recordings and voice over.  Please contact the library for more information.  Online trainings can be scheduled through BlueJeans and the Learning Resource Computers within the computer lab or library at each campus can be utilized.  Students need hands on experience in order for the information to be applied.


From the Open Textbook: Library

College Success

Bruce Beiderwell, UCLA
Linda Tse, Minnesota State University
Tom Lochhaas , Various
Nicholas deKanter, Vision 21 Education Group

Pub Date: 2010

College Success is intended for use in Freshmen Orientation, Study Skills or Student Success courses. A 2009 study revealed that 34% of college freshmen nationwide were not returning for their sophomore year of college. This textbook is designed to help change that.


Conditions of Use  Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike  CC BY-NC-SA


Human Relations

Laura Portolese Dias, Central Washington University

Human Relations by Laura Portolese-Dias addresses all of the critical topics to obtain career success as they relate to professional relationships.


Conditions of Use: Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike CC BY-NC-SA

Updated 5/19/2015


The Information Literacy User's Guide: An Open, Online Textbook

Deborah Bernnard, University of Albany
Greg Bobish, University of Albany
Daryl Bullis, Babson College
Jenna Hecker, University of Albany
Irina Holden, University of Albany
Allison Hosier, University of Albany
Trudi Jacobson, University of Albany
Tor Loney , Albany Public Library


Conditions of Use Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike CC BY-NC-SA