Air Conditioning & Refrigeration Systems (HVAC)

The Air Conditioning and Refrigeration program prepares individuals to install, diagnose, repair, and maintain the operating condition of domestic, residential, and commercial heating air conditioning, and refrigeration systems.

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The TH section covers the technical how-to aspects of HVAC. When searching HVAC subject matter, narrow your range by searching TH7005 - TH7699Piping and heating: TH6840 - TH7599. Ventilation and air systems TH7600 - TH7699.

You can combine a SuperLCCS number with a term:  Example: If you were searching air ventilation and want to learn about grain storage silos, then you would search either: TH76## AND mill.  TH76## AND farm.  TH76## and storage  or TH76## and silo. The # sign is a wild card in WorldCat.

You can search the library catalog by keywords. Some good keywords to use are:

TH6840  Piping

AGA gas measurement manual,  American national standard for piezo electric spark gas ignition systems,  American national standards for flexible connectors,  application of combustion principles to gas burner design,  approval requirements for manual shut off valves,  combustion air to gas fired appliances,  combustion safety training,  commercial and industrial gas installation and gas servicing,  commercial and restaurant ovens and appliances,  commercial gas installation,  copper natural gas systems,  diaphram type gas displacement meters,  digester gas systems,  dispensing devices,  domestic gas conversion burners,  domestic gas installation,  earthquake actuated automatic gas shut off,  elastomeric gas hoses & couplings,  energy efficient gas-furnaces and appliances,  flame detection,  flame rectification,  flow measurements,  fuel codes,  fuel gas code,  fuel installation code,  fuel related components on gas appliances and equipment,  fuel safety handbook,  Gas – installation,  Gas – training,  gas and propane code,  gas appliance ventilation,  gas controls,  gas filters,  gas fired air conditioning appliances,  gas fired domestic lighting appliances,  gas fired equipment for drying farm crops,  gas fired gravity and fan type vented wall furnaces,  gas fitting,  gas heaters,  gas ignition,  gas ignition systems,  gas installation practice,  gas instruction manual,  gas measurement,  gas measurement practice,  gas meter reading,  Gas piping,  gas safety,  gas safety standards,  gas service technology,  gas utilization,  gas utilization code,  gas utilization efficiencies,  high efficiency gas furnaces,  hot surface ignition,  installation and maintenance pipe fitting,  installation code for fuel systems and tanks,  installation code for gas burning appliances,  internal relieved service regulators,  investigation and control of gas explosions in buildings and heating plants,  maintaining tubing and hose systems,  manually operated gas shut off valves,  metering of natural gases,  natural gas installation code,  natural gas leaks,  plumber and steamfitter pipefitter journeyman,  pressure lubricated type  gas shut off valves,  quick disconnect devices,  regulator analysis and seismic loading,  repairing diaphram meters,  spark ignition systems,  testing method for measuring fuel utilization efficiencies,  thermally actuated gas type vent damper devices,  utility gas turbine combustor.

TH70## - TH701#

ASHRAE handbook - Refrigeration systems and applications, ASHRAE handbook -  heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems and applications, ASHRAE handbook - fundamentals, ASHRAE handbook - refrigeration, ASHRAE, nonazeotrophic refrigerant mixtures in heat pumps, air quality ventilation hazardous gas & radon contaminants, ASHRAE guide and data book, ASHRAE handbook and product directory, ASHRAE handbook CD - refrigeration applications, ASHRAE handbook CD - HVAC applications, ASHRAE handbook fundamentals - inch pound edition, ASHRAE handbook - heating, ventilating and refrigerations systems and equipment,, ASHRAE pocket guide for air conditioning,  heating, ventilation and refrigeration, ASHRAE product specification guide, ASHRAE - Environmental Engineering, building operation dynamics, cfc alternatives, cooling and heating load calculation manual, energy efficient design of new buildings, energy management systems calculation, energy performance analysis and calculations, energy standards, fans & systems, environmental engineering, heat pumps - absorption, hvac controls, hydronic systems, infilttration and air leakage, method of determining air exchange rates, method of measuring solar optical properties of materials, method of measuring air-to-air heat exchangers, method of testing fan vibration, method of testing flow capacity of suction line filters, method of testing the air flow rating performance of outlets and inlets, method for testing rating of ventilators, method of testing discharge line refrigerant, method of testing for rating positive displacement condensing units, method for testing for rating remote mechanical-draft evaporative refrigerant condensers, method of testing for sound rating heating, refrigerating and air conditioning equipment, method of testing refrigerated chilling practices, method of testing to rate the solar performance of solar domestic water heating systems, pocket guide for air conditioning, heating, ventilation and refrigeration, Preparation of operating and maintance documentation for building systems, procedure for determining heating and cooling loads for computerized energy calculations, refrigeration oil description, technical and symposium papers, terminology of heating, ventilation, air conditioning and refrigeration, testing balancing and adjustment of the HVAC system, thermal performance, ventilation for acceptable indoor air quality,  water system design and retrofit for energy.

TH706# OR TH708#

air handling specifications, air leakage performance, capacity measurement (HVAC), complying with building codes, energy conservation, energy efficiency, energy management, guidelines for commissioning HVAC systems, heating and airconditioning - installation standards, testing fans for rating, mechanical refrigeration installation, method of testing - multiple entries, number designation and safety classification of refrigerants, reducing emissions of fully halogenated  CFC refrigerants, refrigeration oils, standard gas code, standard measurement for gas flow, standard method for pressure measurement, standard method for temperature measurement, standard metod for measurement of  moisture in properties, standards of heat exchange institute, thermal environmental conditions for human occupancy, ventilation for acceptable indoor air quality.

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