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NALPN Practical Nursing Standards

Practical Nursing Standards

“Nursing Practice Standards”is one of the ways that NALPN meets the objective of its bylaws to address principles and ethics and also to meet another Article II objective, “To interpret the standards of practical (vocational) nursing.”

In recent years, LPNs and LVNs have practiced in a changing environment. As LPNs and LVNs practice in expanding roles in the health care system, “Nursing Practice Standards”is essential reading for LPNs, LVNs, PN and VN students and their educators, and all who practice with LPNs and LVNs



Nursing Practice Standards | Glossary

Authorized (acts of Nursing)

Those nursing activities made legal through State Nurse Practice Acts.


Lateral Expansion of Knowledge

An extension of the basic core of information learned in the school of practical nursing.


Peer Review

A formal evaluation of performance on the job by other LP/VNs.


Specialized Nursing Practice

A restricted field of nursing in which a person is particularly skilled and has specific



Therapeutic Regimens

Regulated plans designed to bring about effective treatment of disease.


Career Advancement

A change of career goal.



A combined abbreviation for Licensed Practical Nurse and Licensed Vocational Nurse. The LVN is title used in California and Texas for the nurses who are called LPNs in other states.



One’s environment and surroundings.



Courses of treatment which include specific steps to be performed in a stated order.

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