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There are several programs for people who have become permanently unemployed due to a company closing, a company moving out of state or country, or company downsizing. In these cases,  you lost your job through no fault of your own.  Two excellent programs are TAA and WIA. They will pay for up to two years of schooling or retraining in a field of your choice while still allowing you to draw your unemployment the entire time you are going to school. It allows you to retrain and most people dont even know it exists. Investigate more regarding these programs through local unemployment office.

Veterans Benefits for Certification Testing

Veterans Benefits for Testing

We support  those who defend our country.

Having the right credentials can give you the competitive edge in seeking a job, promotion or winning a contract. The United States Veterans Affairs published materials for veterans discuss the importance of certification and credentials.

The Department of Veterans Affairs:

  • Will reimburse retired service personnel who are eligible for licensing or certification tests they take after March 1, 2001.
  • Will only pay for the certification test cost, not other fees connected with obtaining a license or certification such as test location or proctor charges.
  • Will reimburse Veterans up to $2000 per test but not more than the actual cost of the test.
  • Will reimburse you to retake a test you failed.
  • The number of tests a Veteran can take is unlimited, except that they can't receive benefits to retake a test they passed.

Who is Eligible for Benefits?

  1. Montgomery G.I. Bill or Chapter 30, but not the Montgomery G.I. Bill for reservists.
  2. Those who qualify for VEAP, also called Chapter 32.
  3. Those who qualify for Dependents Educational Assistance, also called DEA or Chapter 35.
  4. Veterans generally have 10 years after their discharge from active duty to use their benefits.

For more information, to check eligibility or find out which offices handles your benefits, visit http://www.gibill.va.gov

How Do I Apply For Benefits?

Qualified Veterans who take the certifications will be able to apply for benefits by sending the following to their local Veterans Affairs Regional Processing Office.

  1. Application for Licensing and Certification Testing Fee Reimbursement (Contact HVAC Excellence to obtain this form) or the following
  2. An application for benefits (VA form 22-1990 or VA form 22-5490 as appropriate) if they have not done so before. These can be obtained a local, state or federal VA office
  3. Your name and social security number
  4. A copy of the test results.
  5. The name of the test taken.
  6. The name and address of the organization issuing the license or certification
  7. The date the test was taken
  8. The cost of the test
  9. The following statement "I authorize release of my test information to the VA".

To get all of the information, contact the VA Toll Free at 1(888) GIBILL1 or visit them online at http://www.gibill.va.gov

When you apply, you will need to furnish a copy of your discharge papers, DD 214. Once you have been approved as eligible, you will be notified and can apply to be reimbursed for your HVAC Excellence Certifications.

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