English Composition

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OWL | Introduction to Rhetoric

OWL | Introduction to Ethos

OWL | Introduction to Pathos

OWL | Introduction to Logos

OWL | Composing for Different Types of Media

This vidcast discusses strategies and best practices for composing with and in a variety of media.

OWL | Visual Rhetoric

This vidcast introduces viewers to visual rhetoric and how visual rhetoric may be used in various modes of written communication. 

OWL | Invention and Prewriting

This vidcast introduces viewers to invention and prewriting strategies. 

OWL | Job search & application writing

These vidcasts contain information about how to prepare job search, employment, and application documents.

What are Databases?

Yavapai College Library

Academic Search Complete | Laura Browning

OWL | Writing a technical paper or white paper

This vidcast introduces viewers to white papers. It provides a general overview of white papers, their structure, and their roles in organizations.

OWL | You Tube Writing Channel

Check out the following YOUTUBE videos:


None of these videos should take the place of class instruction, published safety guidelines, or your textbook. Please do not attempt any dangerous welding projects without consulting your instructor.