English Composition

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Evaluating Web Sites

Is this web site trustworthy

How can you tell if a web site is trustworthy or not? It's not always easy, but there are things that you can look for that will help you decide.  

  • Who is the author? Are they qualified to talk about this subject?
  • How accurate is the information? You may need to compare what you find with another source to answer this question.
  • Who is the audience? This can influence how much detail is included.
  • What point of view is being represented? All sites have a bias, but is it obvious or are they trying to hide something?
  • How up to date is the site? Older information may no longer be accurate.

Instructor Resources

These journals are major publications in the field of entry-level college composition and include research, professional debate, and pedagogical advice for practitioners in the field of English Composition. 

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General Information

Unfiltered Information

Finding unfiltered information on the internet is easy.  However, frequently you will get too many entries and many of them will be irrelevant to your specific topic. It requires some skill to do effective searches with focused and relevant results. These sites will save you time. Try our Search Tips to improve your searching skills.

    • Use the drop-down menu on this tab, above, to go to specific topics.
    • These are generally higher quality sites than found through Google or Yahoo searches.
    • When you do use Google, be sure to evaluate the results carefully. See the box to the left.

Need More Help?

Need more help finding information on the Internet and interpreting the results? See our study guide.