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Americans With Disabilities: Accessibility Tool Videos

ADA establishes requirements for telecommunications, assistive technologies, that help people use information and resources more easily.

Improving Accessibility: Video Tutorials

CLTCC aims to improve web accessibility for all users. Whether you are wrestling with a physical disability or have a special need, off the shelf products can be modified to make using the computer easier to use.  Scan down the titles of these videos and see if any resonate with you.

Accessibility 101: Screen Reader Language Support

Screen Reader Language Support

Accessibility 101: Web Headers for Screen Readers

Accessibility 101: Effective Color Contrast

Accessibility 101: Screen Magnification & Reflow in Acrobat Reader

Accessibility: Microsoft Object Inspector

Accessibility: Microsoft Object Inspector

Dragon Active Accessibility Commands

Dragon Active Accessibility Commands

Editing Command Fonts In Dragon

Editing Command Fonts In Dragon

Dragon Naturally Speaking

Screeb Reader Magnification & Refkiw in Acrobat

Accessibility 101: Dragon NaturallySpeaking Demo

Accessibility:  Dragon Naturally Speaking

Accessibility 101: Using Microsoft Word with Dragon Naturally Speaking

Using Microsoft Word with Dragon Naturally Speaking

Accessibility 101: On Screen Keyboard Demo

Web Accessibility 101

Accessibility 101: Visual Focus Indication

Accessibility: Microsoft Object Inspector

Accessibility 101: Readability

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