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Resume Builder

Resume Builder

A resume builder guides you through the process of building your resume. A resume is a history of your occupational skills.  Remember to have company names, addresses, dates you worked at the job and a brief description of your responsibilities.  Also have on hand the contact name of your supervisor and a company phone number.  If your supervisor no longer works at that company, then you may include him as a reference along with his/her current contact information.

In addition to supplying a resume at the interview, most companies will require you to fill out the same information on their form.  You will then sign a statement witnessing to statements or information you furnished.  This signed statement verifies that you are being truthful.  If later, the company determines that you have falsified information on a job application, they can dismiss the employee without cause.

If you prefer not to use a Resume Builder tool, you may create your resume in a word processing program like Microsoft Word.



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