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Library Orientation

This guide provides information about how to access the CLTCC Library/LRC resources.


Library FAQs:

1. How many books may a student borrow?
The CLTCC Library and Learning Resource Centers (CLTCC Library and LRCs) is a non-lending library, therefore, all print resources must remain in the library or LRC.

2. Are cell phone allowed in the CLTCC Library and LRCs?

Cell phones are allowed, but all cell phones should be set to vibrate/silent. If possible, take all conversations to the lobby. Please do not use your speaker phone when taking a phone call.

3. Are the CLTCC Library and LRCs open during student breaks?

The CLTCC Library and LRCs are closed whenever the College is officially closed. Please check the CLTCC Library and LRCs website for our hours.

4. Does the CLTCC Library and LRCs have any study rooms?

The main CLTCC Library has two study rooms. However, they are closed due to COVID-19.

5. Are there computers in the CLTCC Library and LRCs?

Yes, the CLTCC Library and LRCs have computers for student use.

6. Can students use the CLTCC Library and LRCs e-books from home?

Yes, to gain remote access to e-books and other e-resources from off campus, you will need your LoLA username and password

Library Rules and Policies

Library Rules & Policies

NOTE: All rules are subject to change and new rules may be added as needed.

Food and Drinks:

  • No food allowed in the library
  • Drinks must be in a travel mug or water bottle
  • Trash must be placed in trash cans


  • Please be respectful and speak in a quiet voice
  • Only listen to music/watch videos (on any device) if you have headphones (keep volume at a level that only you can hear)
  • Library faculty reserve the right to ask patrons who are noisy or disruptive to contain or reduce the noise; patrons may be asked to leave the library if they violate request

Mobile Phones:

  • Cell phones are required to be set to vibrate/silent ring in the library


  • No tobacco use of any kind is permitted on CLTCC campuses