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Outdoor Power Equipment Technology

Power Equipment, & Diesel Power Equipment

Why Choose Outdoor Power Equipment Technology?

As a graduate of the CLTCC Outdoor Power Equipment program, you may work as a service technician, parts manager, sales person, service writer, or shop manager at a dealership, repair shop, rental center, golf course, or landscape business.

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US Bureau of Labor Statistics

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49-3053 Outdoor Power Equipment and Other Small Engine Mechanics

49-3052 Motorcycle Mechanics

State of the Industry: Power Equipment Technology

Peter Ariens, President of Stens LLC

  • "OPE's biggest stories in 2013 were about Ethanol. 
  • The market is experiencing a bit of upswing, bringing the housing and construction markets back.
  • This uptick could give us all the necessary funds to innovate and work toward developing the next generation of equipment incorporating smarter technologies..
  • My outlook in 2014 in  a word is positive.  Most dealers are coming off a profitable year. I believe this next wave of talent and ideas brings with it more technology and business know-how than previous generations.

Tom Cromwell, President of Kohler Engines

  • Going into 2014...trending in a positive manner.  The US economy experienced a 4.1% GDP growth in the third quarter of 2013, with forecasts indicating 2.5% in the fourth quarter. With these indicators in mind, we are working closely with our manufacturing customers to plan production accordingly, and are moving forward with several new engine model releases and an expanded repower program for 2014.
  • The U.S. government's  reconsideration of renewable fuel standards and ethanol blend requirements was big news in 2013, and the final decision early this year will be monitored closely by industry.
  • We expect continued investment in electronic fuel injection (EFI) solutions throughout the industry.
  • We anticipate modest growth in the 3% to 7% range, with upside to that number if we have good weather and strong overall economic tail winds.

Jim Paugh, NGK Spark Plugs USA, Inc.

  • The good weather seems to have helped most companies I spoke with not only recover from 2012 but also break some all-time sales records.
  • Those who are quite happy with the fuel problems brought on by high ethanol content, are those who sell fuel component parts.
  • I suppose we will continue to see an increase in equipment powered by alternative fuels.
  • I am expecting a very good year in 2014.

Rick Zeckmeister, Briigs & Stratton , Vice Pres. Engine Marketing & Planning

  • Whether it is a mower engine that reduces sound and vibration by nearly 65%; a walk behind mower that folds to reduce storage footprint and make maintenance easier; or a pressure washer that adds a high-flow setting, making it more useful to more homeowners for more projects; these are meaningful innovations to the end user - not incremental changes to existing products.
  • At Briggs & Stratton, we are definitely glad to be part of the "Look Before You Pump" campaign.
  • We are seeing more and more "pro-sumers" who are looking for commercial grade equipment for consumer use.
  • I think the OPE industry will experience an "up"  year in 2014 due to many factors.

Source:  Outdoor Power Equipment, February 2014.


Wage & Salary Information | US Bureau of Labor Statistics

National estimates for this occupation:

Employment estimate and mean wage estimates for this occupation:

Employment (1)Employment
RSE (3)
Mean hourly
Mean annual
wage (2)
Wage RSE (3)
27,350 3.0 % $15.30 $31,820 0.7 %

Percentile wage estimates for this occupation:

Hourly Wage $9.59 $11.64 $14.67 $18.06 $22.26
Annual Wage (2) $19,940 $24,210 $30,510 $37,560 $46,290


Source:  Bureau of Labor Statistics 2012, Occupational Employment Statistics 49-3053, 2012.


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Most company owner's manuals are available online, while other companies provide instructors and dealers access to service manuals.  If you have knowledge of an openly available manual that should be added to our resources, please contact the library at ext. 1139.




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