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Forest Technology

Issues related to Forestry Safety

Forestry | Continuing Education & Certification

When you graduate in the Forestry Technology Program at CLTCC, your career is just beginning!  As you walk down the aisle to receive your certificate, you realize that your hard work finally paid off. This is not the end of the trail, but a bright beginning to the world of Forestry.  Your education opens doors to many excellent opportunities.

As you continue to grow in your career and gain experience, you will have even more opportunities to earn professional certifications.

Making Your Web Search Easier

When searching the World Wide Web (www) for information, there are a few tips that can expedite your search and make it easier.

  1. Use META search engine such as DOGPILE.  META SEARCH meaning that it gets results from multiple search engines and directories and then presents them combined to the user.  The engines searched include algorithmic results from Google, Yahoo and Ask Jeeves, sponsored listings from Google, Overture and Looksmart, and other listings from About and Dogpile's own "web search picks."

  2. Search phrases by keeping words together.  type: "arc welding"  NOT arc welding. Use quotation marks to keep words together.

  3. Search within your results: Right now you might be thinking, 'What? No way!  How am I going to narrow down my results. Well have no fear - I've got a little secret for you: When you need to narrow or modify results, simple add another search term to the box.

  4. Limit the search to one website.  Often you have an idea of a great website, but there is no search box on the website -- you don't know where to look -- Don't waste time.  This is how you find quality information quickly.  If you want to find a video on the American Welding Society's website, your search should look like this: search term followed by site:www.nameofsite....

    Search box:  video