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Copyright and Fair Use

This guides provides you with guidelines regarding Copyright and Fair Use.

Fair Use and Images

Fair use and images is a bit more complicated.  The tools below can assist you in making a judgement as to whether your use of an image is within the fair use guidelines.

Copyright is not waived!

If you didn't create the image -- for example take the photograph -- but choose to use an image you found on the web, BEWARE!  Images are owned by the person that created them and that person has the right to state how it is used.  If the creator doesn't say you can use it, then you need to determine if your use is within the fair use guidelines.  If you plan to publish your work as an article or on the web reuse the image carefully because copyright permission IS GENERALLY REQUIRED.

Searching the web and simply reusing an image without a watermark or copyright symbol is a BAD IDEA.  Take the time to determine if the image is available for reuse!  The sites below have great images and provide copyright information that will allow you to make an informed decision about reusing those images.


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