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Copyright and Fair Use

This guides provides you with guidelines regarding Copyright and Fair Use.

What Does "Open Access" Mean?

Open access (OA) means unrestricted online access to peer-reviewed scholarly research. Open access is primarily intended for scholarly journal articles, but is also provided for a growing number of theses,[2] book chapters,[3] and scholarly monographs.[4] (source:  Wikipedia

  1. Gratis OA
  2. Libre OA

About the Choices

About the Choices:

Open Access Journal Articles

Many publishers now allow authors to choose an "open access" option when publishing articles in their journals (that are not themselves open access titles).  This usually involves an additional publication fee, but then allows your article to be read by anyone anytime, even when their institution does NOT subscribe to the journal.  There have been several studies done that show open access articles are highly cited.  So if you are publishing with the following publishers you might want to consider this option.

If you are a publisher with an open access policy, please leave me a comment with details.  I'll review it and, if appropriate, add it to this box.