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Automotive Technology

This guide will help you find information on automotive technology in print and online.

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Instructions for accessing the databases

CLTCC students, faculty, and staff, to access the databases, click on the database you would like to use, then login using your LoLA username and password when prompted.

Alternate option: In your search engine window, open another tab and log into LoLA. Your browser should remain open. Closing your browser terminates any search in progress. If you click on the link, it will open in a new window.

Recommended Databases

Recommended search terms: 


Directory of Open Access Journals

DOAJ Directory of Open Access Journals

DOAJ is a directory that indexes and provides access to high-quality, open access, peer-reviewed journals. DOAJ services are free of charge. All data is freely available. Click here to access.

Automotive Periodicals

Below is a list of automotive periodicals and magazines.  

Working with journal articles

Not all articles are available in online and full text for free. While getting your hands on full text articles may seem difficult, it is actually easy if you follow certain steps. 

The most important piece of information you need to have in order to find full text articles is the citation. The citation consists of:

-Name of the journal

-Author of the article

-Name of the article

-Year the article was published

-Volume and (if listed) issue number

-Page number

-ISBN number (helpful)

Once you have this information, you can search other databases and websites to find the article. If we do not have the article in any of our collections, you can provide the library with your citation and request the article from Interlibrary Loan. There is often a fee associated with borrowing the article.  If there is a fee, it must be paid upon receipt of the book or article.