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Library Orientation

This guide provides information about how to access the CLTCC Library/LRC resources.

How Do I Identify Different Types of Information Sources

There are many types of different information sources, but not all materials will be appropriate or useful for your assignment. To locate the best sources for your research project:

  • Make sure you understand your assignment's requirements. Some may require a specific source of information, while others may require a mix. If you're unsure of what you need, ask your instructor.
  • Review the different types of information sources in the box below. This will provide you with some guidelines. If you need further assistance, ask the librarian.

Source Type




Trade Journals Written for professionals in a particular field. Reports on topics and events in a given industry.
Magazines Written for a general audience. Report original research.
Scholarly Journals Written for a scholarly audience. Report original research.
Newspapers Current events and news. Often published daily.
eBooks/Books Extensive coverage of one topic or theme.
Websites Can cover personal, corporate, or informal topics.