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Welding: General Info

Welding - Technology

Types of sources

There are several major types of information sources available in print and electronic form through the CLTCC Library.

  • Books  | can provide an indepth historical information about any topic. These include e-Books, Open Access Books, print books and Creative Commons e-books.
  • Reference Books | covers encyclopedias, atlases, and other resources that are referred to for specific information. Go to these for definitions, shorter explanations, historical and biographical sketches, background or overviews, and statistical data.
  • Articles journals, magazines, and newspapers (periodicals) are integral sources for current reviews, research, and criticism on recently published works.
  • Web Sites | The internet provides a vast array of good information from reputable organizations, professional associations, government entities, and scholars. Some sites are considered unreliable and unscholarly.