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This LibGuide provides you with information for the Welding Technology Program.

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Open Educational Resources for Welding

Open Access Books

Welding Processes


Despite the wide availability of literature on welding processes, a need exists to regularly update the engineering community on advancements in joining techniques of similar and dissimilar materials, in their numerical modeling, as ...Edited by Radovan Kovacevic in Mechanical Engineering


Arc Welding


Ever since the invention of arc technology in 1870s and its early use for welding lead during the manufacture of lead-acid batteries, advances in arc welding throughout the twentieth and twenty-first centuries have s ...Edited by Wladislav Sudnik in Mechanical Engineering


Virtual Reality-based Training System for Metal Active Gas Welding


and construction industries. This scenario is due to high cost of training, material and maintenance. Complex geometry trajectory and welding path is difficult to weld and can only be done either by an experienced ...Hwa Jen Yap, Zahari Taha, Hui Kang Choo and Chee Khean Kok in The Thousand Faces of Virtual Reality

Aluminium Alloys - New Trends in Fabrication and Applications


Aluminium alloys have undergone a dramatic transformation in areas of extrusion, machining, welding, heat treatment, structural changes, created by ultra fine particles and enhanced corrosion resistance. Hence, these alloys have made ...Edited by Zaki Ahmad in Metals and Nonmetals


Recent Trends in Processing and Degradation of Aluminium Alloys


In the recent decade a quantum leap has been made in production of aluminum alloys and new techniques of casting, forming, welding and surface modification have been evolved to improve the structural integrity of aluminum alloys. Th ...Edited by Zaki Ahmad in Metals and Nonmetals


New Features on Magnesium Alloys


alloys; welding and joining processing of magnesium alloys; transport application of magnesium and its alloys. ...Edited by Waldemar Alfredo Monteiro in Metals and Nonmetals



Magnesium Alloys - Design, Processing and Properties


resistance. Also technologies of alloy formation and processing, such as sheet rolling, semi-solid forming, welding and joining are considered. An opportunity of creation the metal matrix composite based on magnesium matrix is descr ...Edited by Frank Czerwinski in Metals and Nonmetals


Mechanical Behavior of Precipitation Hardened Aluminum Alloys Welds


gh mechanical properties, i.e. yield strength of 7075-T651 aluminum alloy as high as 500 MPa. However, when welding processes are used to perform a junction, a large amount of the heat input is dissipated, by heat conduction, thro ...R.R. Ambriz and D. Jaramillo in Light Metal Alloys Applications

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Robot Arms


Robot arms have been developing since 1960's, and those are widely used in industrial factories such as welding, painting, assembly, transportation, etc. Nowadays, the robot arms are indispensable for automation of factories. Moreove ...Edited by Satoru Goto in Robotics and Automation


Intelligent Control of Welding Gun Pose for Pipeline Welding Robot Based on Improved Radial Basis Function Network and Expert System.


t al.; licensee InTech. This is an open access article distributed under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution License (, which permits unrestricted use, distribution, and reproduction in any mediu ...Jingwen Tian, Meijuan Gao and Yonggang He in International Journal of Advanced Robotic Systems


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The Dynamics and Sliding Mode Control of Multiple Cooperative Welding Robot Mani


Bin Zi, Huihui Sun, Zhencai Zhu, Sen Qian in International Journal of Advanced Robotic Systems

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Design and Optimal Research of a Non-Contact Adjustable Magnetic Adhesion Mechan


is properly cited. Abstract Wall‐climbing  welding  robots  (WCWRs)  can  replace  workers  in  manufacturing  and  maintaining  large  unstructured  equipment,  such  as  ships.  The  adhesion mechanism  is  the key component ...Minghui Wu, Gen Pan, Tao Zhang, Shanben Chen, Fu Zhuang and Zhao Yan-zheng in International Journal of Advanced Robotic Systems


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Role of Modern Localised Electrochemical Techniques to Evaluate the Corrosionon


characteristics of all precipitation-hardening stainless steels are high strength (at the expense of toughness) and high corrosion resistance (comparable to that of the standard 304 and 316 austenitic alloys) [22]. The aging treatments are designe ...R. Leiva-García, R. Sánchez-Tovar, C. Escrivà-Cerdán and J. García- Antón in Modern Electrochemical Methods in Nano, Surface and Corrosion Science

Acoustic Emission - Research and Applications


method is continuously and intensively developing and widely applied in: on-line monitoring of civil-engineering structures (e.g. highway bridges, skyscrapers, dams etc.), fatigue cracks detection and location in pressure vessels and pipelines, dama ...Edited by Wojciech Sikorski in Electrical and Electronic Engineering