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Library Observations

Resources for various library celebrations and observances.

Library Observations


This guide provides you with information about different library related celebrations and observances!

1. Libraries offer free educational resources to everyone. The offer of free services can be incredibly helpful for those who with a limited income or who may not access to these resources at home.

2. Libraries are safe refuges for underserved populations. Everyone who enters the library is treated with dignity and respect.

3. They help boost local economies. Because libraries offer free resources, people with limited incomes have the opportunity to learn through free programming, apply for jobs using free internet access, and find entertainment for themselves and/or their families.

4. They preserve history, and more importantly, the truth. Librarians can show you how to locate reliable information, whether you're searching for information about the past or information to help you in the present.

5. Libraries help connect communities. People with similar and diverse interests can come to the library to find information to meet their needs. They can also use the library to meet people who share their interests.